Craig Stuart Garfinkle

Emmy-nominated composer, award-winning producer and Malibu resident, Craig Stuart Garfinkle, has established his name in the highly competitive worlds of American TV, film and video games. His music has appeared in popular shows such as NBC'sThe Office, Fringe, Lost, The Sopranos, and America's Got Talent, to name but a few. Notable film trailer credits include J.J. Abrams' Star Trek, Sin City, the last three Harry Potter films, Vicky Christina Barcelona, Over the Hedge, Spider-man III, The Chronicles of Narnia, and A Quantum of Solace. In addition to World of WarCraft, Garfinkle's music is featured in many X-Box/PS2 games. He composed the original music for Baldur's Gate, the Dark Alliance II, and his song, 'A Nuclear Blast' is the main menu theme for the game, Fallout, A Brotherhood of Steel.


We are proud to bring the legendary Emmy nominated and award-winning music producer and composer Craig Stuart Garfinkle to TVMA.

In this one day practical masterclass, Craig will take you through the business of scoring for screen and demonstrate how he approaches his projects.

The course will cover music technology, the business of scoring, compositional techniques and many other skills required to work in the industry. 

Stuart will take a piece of film footage and demonstrate practically the creative process he takes to create an elegant and emotive project.

This is a valuable opportunity to gain an insight from one of the worlds very best practitioners into the music of Hollywood.

Cost: €95


Masterclass strictly limited to 40 so book early for this once in a lifetime opportunity to avoid disappointment.

The picture tells you what's happening - the music tells you how to feel about it.

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