The media can work for you or against you depending on your level of preparedness. Media exposure requires leaders to positively convey messages via the press in both official and unscripted capacities. For executives to perform well in a media setting, they must be able to assert themselves while remaining likeable, deliver powerful and logical talking points while being concise, present themselves and their businesses with conviction, conveying empathy and be flexible while staying on-message and in control.

Media training for executives prepares leaders for expert interviews, corporate news delivery, and crisis communication.

Clients will learn where to look, how to sit, move, and sound in sometimes distracting studio environments or when broadcasting from remote locations. 

Led by RTE News journalist John Finnerty, executive media coaching includes clear and achievable advice in a practical setting. We give industry standard hints, tips and behind the scenes advice. All training is recorded and instantly played back for the client to watch and learn. 

Contact TVMA for further information on how we can help you develop primary messages that are compelling, easy to remember and deliverable in concise “sound bites,”.


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